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Thanks to a post on Facebook, I have reached over a thousand views of my blog and website…

The stories posted in the Keokuk True Crime section were all taken from my experience and newspaper accounts from the time it happened. Some additional information was from legal documents of appeals and such found freely on the internet.

I was always interested in true crime books after I read the books ‘The Boston Strangler’ and ‘In Cold Blood’ and ‘Helter Skelter’. Why the crimes were committed in the first place and how the crimes were solved. Seeing a newspaper account or a TV report is fine, but when you read a book and see all the details of the offenders and the victims, plus all the investigation involved, it becomes a different story. I tried my best to offer a good telling of what I could find. I never actually met anyone involved with any of these crimes, so maybe if I had the story would be that much more interesting.

I did manage to make a connection with the Kimmi Hardy case at one point though. I read on another blog somewhere, how she would visit a drug sealer regularly who lived in close proximity to my house in Keokuk. I knew who the blogger was talking about, even gave an address. I remember the dealer and could see the house from my place, lots of traffic in and out of that place, so maybe I did see her at one time or another.

The Keokuk tragedies page tells of the Armory explosion in 1965, which killed 21 people. Also the Rand Park drownings of the four children in a rainstorm when they were sucked down a storm drain in 1969. Horrible tragedies which I remember distinctly. Again, I knew none of the people who were killed or injured in either case, and the stories are from newspaper accounts from that time.



Keokuk bridge, circa 1968.


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