Favorite Television Programs.

Choosing a favorite TV show is harder than selecting favorite movies. A movie lasts a couple hours and in that time must make a statement and present a plot that fits the time frame. TV on the other hand has an infinite life and can come and go with the times. Plots and timeframes are not always needed and everything can be continued till next week or season. Nonetheless, here I go…

  1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus: After seeing only one episode of this series, I was hooked. Best and smartest comedy in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The sketches were so stupid, they were funny. When they started making movies I was disappointed, they had so much to prove, there seemed no way they could maintain the spirit of the TV show. So many great sketches and characters, so many good laughs, that’s why it is number 1.
  2. M*A*S*H: In the early 70’s, this was breaking comedy. I am only giving the first 5 seasons the high mark, after that, half of each season was a preachy message of some sort to all the viewers. Alan Alda really broke through in his role as Hawkeye, all the others were a close second.
  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000: A simple show started as a local venue meant to poke fun at cheap, uninspired films and they succeeded wildly in their endeavor. There is always the split between the ‘Mike’ and the ‘Joel’ years, I like both. I arrived on the MST3K scene rather late, but love this show and all it has to offer. And it has been announced that Netflix will produce a new version of the program… Can’t wait !
  4. Tour Of Duty/China Beach: Two Vietnam TV series that followed the popularity of the movie ‘Platoon’. Both produced in the late 80’s and both quite good, China Beach probably taking the edge over Tour Of Duty. Both only lasted for 3 seasons but I liked them both and they still show reruns on some cable channels.
  5. Green Acres: Just plain fun to watch. Misunderstood Oliver and lovely Lisa are so much fun together. Add a pig who loves westerns on TV and a town full of screwballs and you have a classic show. Six years till it was cancelled.
  6. The Rockford Files: James Garner made his mark in this series and is probably best remembered as Rockford. This show took the premise of the slick all knowing private eye, and turned it on its head with great stories and acting. One of my dad’s favorite shows also.
  7. Twilight Zone: Need I say more ? Great stories and still on TV today. Check out Netflix for The series.
  8. PBS: Nova, music, This Old House, Norm, Woodwrights Shop etc etc… Never gets old. Not a show but a network, oh well.
  9. Smother Brothers: We all needed a laugh back then. Just plain good writing and presentation.
  10. Hill Street Blues: Caught this one in syndication and ended up loving it. Wish I could see it again.



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