Another season Alaskan Bush people

New Season 2017…

Yep, another season of the wilderness family in Alaska. After 4 years of Alaskan Bush People we have pretty much figured out that almost everything on this show is bogus. Discovery Channel has this new season listed as season 7 (see wiki description of show here), but the show started in 2014, so 3 years later is 2017 and that just doesn’t seem to work. It seems some seasons were in the same year I guess.

 Nevertheless, the escapades and mis-fires of this family make for interesting television to watch, but the believability factor is about 0%. This season’s opener has the Alaskan Bush People in Southern California for crying out loud, and the mother has a bunch of medical tests to go through. This isn’t what I want to see, but I will watch anyway.

     The whole premise of the show is to illustrate how a family can survive in the Alaskan wilderness on their own, and from that description I wanted to see the show. After the 3rd show I started to get that nagging feeling that something was just wrong about this show, and now it is a huge joke to the people who write in the TV forums on the web, pointing out the mistakes and just plain stupidity of the situations that we are led to believe. Reality TV at its worst in my opinion.

     The family seems to be made up of semi retarded individuals, starting with the father and working itself down. Positive decisions that a 3 year old would make seem to elude these folks as they go from crisis to crisis, and never seem to learn that what they are doing is just plain ignorant. They claim that ‘family’ is everything and the boys in the family are all single and about the most backward folks imaginable. They have a seemingly inexhaustible craving to prove how cool and self sufficient they are, yet it plays out that in a real life setting they would be living in a friend’s trailer, uninvited, doing meth and living from welfare check to welfare check. 

   The family obviously shuns medical and dental care and prevention, thrive on doing in the wild what we take for granted in civilization, like having a washer and dryer, and try to convince us that one of the sons is a wilderness genius, who can make everyday items out of trash, no matter what. The girls seem to be on the path to having 5 kids and left back at the trailer park, while their boyfriends go to town and hunt more pussy. The mother claims to teach quantum physics with a twig, a stone, and a patch of dirt outside next to the front porch of their horrible cardboard walled piece of shit shack.

    And whenever they do one of their so called projects to improve their lot in the wilderness, they almost always show up with a boatload of junk and brand new articles to finish the job. Remember the ‘putting in the wood burning stove’ storyline ?  It seemed OK at first, they got an old stove that they bartered or worked for, hauled it on the boat to the island, set it inside and then, magically, they start to install 60+ feet of brand new triple walled stove pipe !!!  That stuff cost a fortune !!! And when they were hauling all this other stuff to the shack, we never once saw any of this stove pipe. I imagine they didn’t think we would notice. I did, in like 2 seconds. What a bunch of baloney…

    Will this season be any better ? I doubt it, but I will continue to write my little reviews and sit back and laugh…

Visit Railing Kill for a good laugh at this series… He tears this crazy bunch of loons to shreds after every show. I love his articles and satire…

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