Reality Observer

I like to watch TV, read books, do research on interesting subjects and share them with others…

Born in the Midwest, I lived in a small city in Iowa called Keokuk. Lovely little town that I really enjoyed growing up in… Some of my pages and comments are connected with being raised there…

I am hoping people will enjoy these pages and comments that I make, you can leave comments as well…


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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I would like to know more about you simply because I’m curious about anyone who writes good stuff. In your case you are a natural with writing humor even if it is sarcastic and unkind. It is true and it is reality. What does that say about me who enjoys reading it? Anyway, how about some more info without revealing too much personal info. Where do you live? Do you have kids? What is your age? Do you have a 9-5 type job? If so what do you do? How did you get started with providing commentary on tv shows? What inspires you? TIA


  2. Thanks much for the comment Ella ! Answers to your questions…

    Born in midwestern large city, moved from there and raised and worked and married and had kids (2) in Keokuk, Iowa which I write about on this website. Retired and moved to a location on the ocean on the East Coast and then moved again to the beautiful Southwest.

    I am in my early 60’s but feel like I am still 25 for some reason…haha

    Retired, did my time in a factory for 35 years and some more work on the coast, done with all that. My work now is hiking trails, working on the computer, photography, communications, writing and reading.

    I got started with the recap trade by watching the shows, then getting online and being curious about them (where they are filmed, who produces them etc etc) by going to the website IMDb. Lots of fine info there. So I saw where you could write reviews, and then I saw the message boards were even better. Real time back and forth banter. I saw where Railing Kill would post a link to his website for his recaps and I really enjoyed reading his stuff, along with the photoshopped images he included. I have had contact with Railing Kill and he seems like a very nice guy. So I thought, well I can try that also, just wanting to input my view as well. After IMDb shut the message boards down, I built this website to avoid the rules and regulations of other sites telling me what I could and could not do. I have had a lot of visitors to my site so I guess I will continue writing about stuff. Seems most people like my writing about the show and other items I write about.

    My inspiration is basically just watching the shows and asking reasonable questions about them. If you spot a scene that just doesn’t click, pounce on it and ask other viewers if they feel the same way. I’ve done that since I was a kid. My brother once told me I had a cynical nature, but that I was an enigma in how I actually viewed the world with said cynicism. He said it made for a biting sense of humor with a soft edge. Haha… I also watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 with a passion as the guys riffed the movies they watched, very funny stuff. So maybe that adds to my inspiration.

    I try to be on a level playing field with the shows I recap ( I did Duck Dynasty, Amish Mafia, Return to Amish, Wahlburgers recaps on IMDb, along with ABP) and try not to debase the cast. I would love it if the Bush people contacted me so we could debate the merits of the show. When I visit the FB pages and groups for ABP, I see a lot of really unnecessary sexual innuendo aimed at the daughters, and I see it as rather crude and below an intellectual consideration. The misspellings, the corrupted syntax, EVERYTHING IN CAPS, the repeated memes every other day by the same people is just not very creative nor imaginative to me at all. Commenting “This show sucks!” every day gets old after the first 3 times… I do post links to my recaps on those pages so I can gain an audience, and it works, so I cannot complain too much. Still, the posts and comments leave a lot to be desired…

    Thanks for the interest, hope I answered all your questions, glad to have you as a fan of my writings !



    1. Thanks for taking the time to provide info. I had you pictured so differently. I’m not sure what I based my perception on. It was just different. 🙂


  3. Dear Reality Observer,
    Great Recap for the beginning episodes on the 2018 season Brown family shenanigans. What a frigging farce! I could not bring myself to watch it, but that is okay because your recap is a funny and accurate account. Thanks and please keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks as always Ella…
      It is actually getting to be just another chore to sit and watch and take notes, and then transfer to a recap. But in the end it is enjoyable to review the Browns and their antics, I am beginning to see the pattern of success and failure in everything they do. Great scriptwriting by all the writers on this show. Bring in the drama, let it hang for awhile, and then let it crash or wildly succeed. Never fails…
      Please stay tuned for more recaps as the show goes on from here…


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