What ??? Is that true ?

While writing these recaps and watching the shows, I also search the web for info about the family and try to stay up to date. I don’t obsess about it, just follow stories to where they lead me.

    Someone posted on Previously TV about the explosion and Matt’s injuries and I was curious about that also. I searched around, and most of the reports are that it was not at Browntown, but made to look that way. Some of the ones reporting this were TMZ , Blasting News, and others (keep in mind that these are not the most reliable sources and they seem to run with the most ‘shocking’ rumor). So was he there or not ? Does Ami really have cancer or not ? Do the Browns really live off the grid ? Where are the Browns now ? All good questions with little info to confirm or not.

    Some of the spots to go to find the answers are out there, but they claim to know the truth and really are nothing but Face Book pages created by who knows ? I have this site, but do not claim to know the sacred truth of what this show has going on behind the scenes. I just watch the episodes and write stuff down that is on the show. I also have a Face Book page, but it mainly steers people to this site and allows me to post on other FB pages as Reality Observer. And if any of you visit my page, you can comment there on any thing you like, and there are no rules, you want to tell me my page sucks and that I am evil incarnate, so be it… And if you post there, I will move it to the timeline where everyone can see… Trouble is, you lose your anonymous profile if you post from your personal FB page. That is why I created another page called Reality Observer, to post anonymously… And again… NO RULES….

    Other sites and pages are Railing Kill (one of my favorites, photos and memes and other outrageous writings, and he will answer your comments), Alaskan Bullshit People (another really well done site), profanereality (which is pretty brutal).     Interesting how a reality TV show can generate so much interest. I think the whole Ami has cancer scenario changed the game on this show… 

    Keep watching and writing…..


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