Alaskan Bush People

A reality show that I have watched from the very beginning. The show when it first was advertised promised a look at a family living ‘in the bush’ in Alaska enduring the struggles and dangers of living in the Alaskan wild.

I thought it sounded like a truly good show and tuned in and after about the 3rd show I concluded that this family was nothing but a bunch of either really stupid people or mentally challenged.

I followed along as they manage to survive one crisis after another and it really appears to be scripted and made up. After awhile I went to the IMDb website and found a message board there that people had posted to expressing their total disbelief in anything presented as fact on this reality show. I started posting my own comments and recaps of shows with a lot of feedback from other members.

Unfortunately in February 2017, IMDb closed the message boards on the website and I decided to transplant here with my own website.

Click on the pull down menu to access the shows I have reviewed and leave comments if you want to…

Another great site to visit is raillingkill, over there Beavis has an extensive Alaskan Bush People parody page which is very good…

Season #8 – August 2018

Season #5 – Summer 2017

Season #4 – Winter 2016/2017


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