Harshest Winter Ever Coming  s 04-ep 06

So I forgot to set the DVR for this episode and was forced to watch it ON DEMAND with all the insipid commercials… Talk more about that later…

Where did the canoe come from ??? I must have seen it before but cannot remember, minor point… And why in the world are the two morons paddling the canoe with a rowboat paddle and a shovel ??? Less said the better…

Let’s watch as they all prepare for the harshest winter in decades, how do they know it will be the harshest winter ??? So they do things like make a cowbell, climb the most extreme tree in the forest and concentrate on making a sliding door on a meat shed… Let’s not forget to show the girlfriend around the lunatic refuge and introduce her to the parents hard at work preparing for the harshest winter by sitting in the house knitting and dreaming of granbabies…. They didn’t seem to prepare for anything… What a bunch of BS

The turbine foulup was what everyone expected anyhow, so why bother to show it… I wouldn’t hire those two clowns to shovel the snow off my sidewalk…

Short recap this week, last one on this site (IMDb)… Been thinking of creating a blog page and do a little scribbling there…

Commercials… I see the Border Patrol is hiring, Trump has want ads during our favorite illiterate retards show… The boys at Sonic are acting gayer than ever… The T-Mobile ads are still pink and annoying as before… I did like the dogs driving the cars ads though…

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