Another season Alaskan Bush people

New Season 2017…

Yep, another season of the wilderness family in Alaska. After 4 years of Alaskan Bush People we have pretty much figured out that almost everything on this show is bogus. Discovery Channel has this new season listed as season 7 (see wiki description of show here), but the show started in 2014, so 3 years later is 2017 and that just doesn’t seem to work. It seems some seasons were in the same year I guess.

 Nevertheless, the escapades and mis-fires of this family make for interesting television to watch, but the believability factor is about 0%. This season’s opener has the Alaskan Bush People in Southern California for crying out loud, and the mother has a bunch of medical tests to go through. This isn’t what I want to see, but I will watch anyway.

     The whole premise of the show is to illustrate how a family can survive in the Alaskan wilderness on their own, and from that description I wanted to see the show. After the 3rd show I started to get that nagging feeling that something was just wrong about this show, and now it is a huge joke to the people who write in the TV forums on the web, pointing out the mistakes and just plain stupidity of the situations that we are led to believe. Reality TV at its worst in my opinion.

     The family seems to be made up of semi retarded individuals, starting with the father and working itself down. Positive decisions that a 3 year old would make seem to elude these folks as they go from crisis to crisis, and never seem to learn that what they are doing is just plain ignorant. They claim that ‘family’ is everything and the boys in the family are all single and about the most backward folks imaginable. They have a seemingly inexhaustible craving to prove how cool and self sufficient they are, yet it plays out that in a real life setting they would be living in a friend’s trailer, uninvited, doing meth and living from welfare check to welfare check. 

   The family obviously shuns medical and dental care and prevention, thrive on doing in the wild what we take for granted in civilization, like having a washer and dryer, and try to convince us that one of the sons is a wilderness genius, who can make everyday items out of trash, no matter what. The girls seem to be on the path to having 5 kids and left back at the trailer park, while their boyfriends go to town and hunt more pussy. The mother claims to teach quantum physics with a twig, a stone, and a patch of dirt outside next to the front porch of their horrible cardboard walled piece of shit shack.

    And whenever they do one of their so called projects to improve their lot in the wilderness, they almost always show up with a boatload of junk and brand new articles to finish the job. Remember the ‘putting in the wood burning stove’ storyline ?  It seemed OK at first, they got an old stove that they bartered or worked for, hauled it on the boat to the island, set it inside and then, magically, they start to install 60+ feet of brand new triple walled stove pipe !!!  That stuff cost a fortune !!! And when they were hauling all this other stuff to the shack, we never once saw any of this stove pipe. I imagine they didn’t think we would notice. I did, in like 2 seconds. What a bunch of baloney…

    Will this season be any better ? I doubt it, but I will continue to write my little reviews and sit back and laugh…

Visit Railing Kill for a good laugh at this series… He tears this crazy bunch of loons to shreds after every show. I love his articles and satire…

Keokuk Building Collapse

In 2009, a vacant building on Main Street collapsed on itself. No reason was given for the collapse, most thought age and neglect were the primary reasons. The building was a music store in it’s last use and had been empty for 10 years.

And then the people came out and told how it was one of Keokuk’s most historic buildings, been there forever and now, greatly missed. Except for the part where no one even looked twice at it while it was standing and no one really cared.

keokuk building

Back in the day it was Wright Fashion, a women’s clothing store, before that, a distillery and a hardware store. But the consensus was that it was old and historic. And then for no reason it just fell down. The city contacted the owner and got nowhere, the owner seems to live out of state and has no money to clean up the giant mess. So it sat for a while and then the city decided to take on the chore of removing the rubble.

Digging down, the crew discovered a basement with arches, seemingly a part of the sewer system that once was underground the building.

hole in keokuk

Some of the townsfolk stepped in and pointed out the historical and possible commercial aspects of this ‘new’ hole on Main Street. 

************ of the Keokuk Historic Preservation Society believes the historic remains are a look into Keokuk’s historic sewer system, “miles of brick sewers one could row a boat through,” and should be preserved.

“Are we going to designate this site as a piece of irreplaceable history, as an example of the extraordinary underground 19th century masonry on which the city is built or are we going to destroy it and cover up the evidence?” he asked.

And of course I had to ask, ‘irreplaceable history’ ?   ‘extraordinary underground 19th century masonry’ ? It is just a sewer system built a long time ago, no one cared about it then and I thought no one would care about it now.  But that was not all…

Should the city agree to slow rubble removal and proceed in a careful manner, he envisions an “extraordinary historical site.”

“If we do the right thing, (the public) might be able to walk in them, sit at a table in them, have tea and muffins or beer and a brat in the Keokuk Grotto Bistro, totally surrounded by the stone and brick that anchored this town down back in the day, 160 years ago,” ********** said.

“extraordinary historical site.”    And now even a name, ‘Keokuk Grotto Bistro’, where we can go eat in the ‘historic Keokuk sewers’. I mean, what were they smoking ?  Did the person even consider the cost of taking a hole in Main street and converting it into a cafe ? The city codes ? Wow, Keokuk can hardly keep a regular restaurant open for business and now someone wants to open another in a hole, so we can look at the sewer arches while we bite into a brat. What a joke.

Others soon chimed in with their take on the matter. One observant local suggested a quaint below ground park, where the upstanding citizens could go and sit a various picnic tables and other seating arrangements and have tea, or enjoy an outdoor game of chess with a friend. 

Of course, the people in town with a more sane approach were laughing at these folks continuously, I myself discussed this with co workers and thought these ideas ‘just plain nuts’, and they agreed. We made the jokes, ‘Let’s meet in the sewer and have tea tonight’… And I asked if anyone in all their years had ever seen anyone on a park bench or table ever playing chess outdoors in Keokuk (cue the crickets).

Finally the city filled in the hole and covered it up, planted some grass and there it sits today, a lawn. Someone actually did buy the ground…

***************** of Montrose bought it during a property tax auction in May 2013.  ****said it’s next to the new home for Great River Players, a local theater group of which **** is a member.

******* said ***** is open to ideas for the site.  **** would like to give the property an “artsy” feel, given its location between the GRP home and the Grand Theater across Main Street.

Artsy, there you go… an artsy lawn… I wonder how much she paid for this prime piece of Keokuk real estate at a tax auction ?  $50 bucks ? $100 ?. And the Grand Theater is not across Main Street, well, maybe a little across….

Since then, two more buildings in the ‘business’ district have fallen down also. High winds caused the brick buildings (glad they weren’t made of glass) to fall apart. I guess these collapses had no historical value, as no mention was made of opening a ‘bistro’ in the remains, or preserving the unholy mess for non existent tourists to gaze in awe at…

And it all makes you wonder, if a small cafe was opened, and the sewer arches were preserved for all to see, would anyone outside of Keokuk come to see them ? I seriously doubt it….

Keokuk True Crime pages

I have quite a few views on my website looking at the Keokuk true crimes articles. I am glad that people have found this interesting. Have not had any comments left from anyone, possibly due to the fact you have to leave an email address, which BTW is required by the website developer WordPress. I don’t use the email address for anything and neither does WordPress, I imagine it is for spam and any abusive emails sent my way.

Regardless, I would like to print more stories in the future about life in Keokuk as I saw it and concentrate on the crimes that happened there and the tragedies (such as the Armory explosion and the Rand Park drownings) as this interests me.

Please follow me and these posts as I may continue to add to the stories I already have posted….

keo watertank

Return to Amish: season 4

Well, this is about the sorriest show on television by far.

Whoever writes this crap has to be laughing all the way to the bank that someone actually thought it would make it to TV, and paid him to write this ridiculous stuff.

If anyone believes these morons actually do the stuff that is portrayed on this show then you need to see a doctor.

But the worst part is, is that I sit there, and watch it and eat popcorn and just chuckle at the adventures of Mary, Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, Sabrina and the others as they go through their paces every week… lol

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back !!!

Netflix just released its version of the new MST3K on April 14th and it looks like a winner. It got great reviews and after watching the first episode I agree it was long overdue. That show is funny no matter how you cut it and the producers obviously tried hard to make a successful new program based on the old… 

If you have not seen it, do so, as it is very funny…

Another war in sight ?

The president’s decision to send tomahawks into Syria is either a brilliant tactical move or a fatal misadventure into the unknown. Let us hope for the best as time will certainly tell. 

Or could it be a brilliant move to steer away the prying eyes into his administration’s seemingly casual attitude towards the Russian situation and investigation ?

All eyes now are focused on the outcome of this Syrian conundrum.

Wiretapping isn’t wiretapping ?

What ?

Come on, now we hear Trump and Spicer lecture us on how ‘wiretapping’ is not what Trump meant when he said ‘wiretapping’, or rather he tweeted it.

Is it just me, or is everyone rolling their eyes and laughing at this guy and his three ring staff.

And now the golden girl, Kellyanne Conway says; ‘someone’ was spying on Trump through the use of TV sets and microwaves. What is this gal smoking ?

Do any one of these people truly understand how utterly ridiculous they look and sound almost every day. I mean, I want to give the President and his cronies the benefit of the doubt, but man, they need to stop and think before they open their mouths, come on people !

Favorite Television Programs.

Choosing a favorite TV show is harder than selecting favorite movies. A movie lasts a couple hours and in that time must make a statement and present a plot that fits the time frame. TV on the other hand has an infinite life and can come and go with the times. Plots and timeframes are not always needed and everything can be continued till next week or season. Nonetheless, here I go…

  1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus: After seeing only one episode of this series, I was hooked. Best and smartest comedy in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The sketches were so stupid, they were funny. When they started making movies I was disappointed, they had so much to prove, there seemed no way they could maintain the spirit of the TV show. So many great sketches and characters, so many good laughs, that’s why it is number 1.
  2. M*A*S*H: In the early 70’s, this was breaking comedy. I am only giving the first 5 seasons the high mark, after that, half of each season was a preachy message of some sort to all the viewers. Alan Alda really broke through in his role as Hawkeye, all the others were a close second.
  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000: A simple show started as a local venue meant to poke fun at cheap, uninspired films and they succeeded wildly in their endeavor. There is always the split between the ‘Mike’ and the ‘Joel’ years, I like both. I arrived on the MST3K scene rather late, but love this show and all it has to offer. And it has been announced that Netflix will produce a new version of the program… Can’t wait !
  4. Tour Of Duty/China Beach: Two Vietnam TV series that followed the popularity of the movie ‘Platoon’. Both produced in the late 80’s and both quite good, China Beach probably taking the edge over Tour Of Duty. Both only lasted for 3 seasons but I liked them both and they still show reruns on some cable channels.
  5. Green Acres: Just plain fun to watch. Misunderstood Oliver and lovely Lisa are so much fun together. Add a pig who loves westerns on TV and a town full of screwballs and you have a classic show. Six years till it was cancelled.
  6. The Rockford Files: James Garner made his mark in this series and is probably best remembered as Rockford. This show took the premise of the slick all knowing private eye, and turned it on its head with great stories and acting. One of my dad’s favorite shows also.
  7. Twilight Zone: Need I say more ? Great stories and still on TV today. Check out Netflix for The series.
  8. PBS: Nova, music, This Old House, Norm, Woodwrights Shop etc etc… Never gets old. Not a show but a network, oh well.
  9. Smother Brothers: We all needed a laugh back then. Just plain good writing and presentation.
  10. Hill Street Blues: Caught this one in syndication and ended up loving it. Wish I could see it again.


Favorite Films

My Favorite Films List (part 1)

   So many films to choose from, so many good pictures out there, I have seen a lot of movies and documentaries and even then, some films I won’t watch, mainly because of who is in them. Well, let’s get started with my list and we will do the details later.

  1. ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’: A World War 2 picture that tells the story of a man taken prisoner by the Germans. What makes this film so good is the filming techniques, the acting, and above all, the story and plot. Based on a book by Kurt Vonnegut, it is basically his story of being a POW in Dresden during the firebombing in February 1945 as seen through fictional characters (who are based on real people Vonnegut saw during the war). OK, I will admit, the book was better, yet the movie shines in a portrayal of a man (Billy Pilgrim) whose life is just dragged along by outside circumstances, until the end where he finds his true self. This movie is a comedy, a tragedy, a drama, science fiction, anti-war, documentary all rolled into one. Made in 1972, it still holds up well today.     
  2. ‘2001:A Space Odyssey’: Kubrick’s masterpiece film based on Arthur C. Clark’s book, is a movie that broke the mold in film making altogether. What  a story, what a beginning, the music is masterful and the filming is incredible. Made in 1968, it also still holds up well and influenced a lot of sci-fi-fi films we see today. One of my favorite aspects of this film is the computer screens and the way they are presented, just everyday programs running through everyday tasks and the graphics are just plain cool, way ahead of its time. And of course the HAL 9000 is the precursor to the Terminater films and other stories where the computers take over from their masters.
  3. The Bank Dick: W.C. Fields at his best. Just plain funny and smart at the same time. I enjoy all of his films, but this one is just plain great. ‘Tillie and Gus’ is a close second. Made in 1940, this is a just a good movie today as it was back then.
  4. In Cold Blood:  1967 version. One of the best true crime movies ever made. The actors who portrayed killers Perry and Dick ( Robert Blake and Scott Wilson), do a fantastic job of showing a human side to the killers, and their evil side while in Holcomb, Kansas when they slaughtered the Clutter family. The book by Capote is also a masterpiece and should be required reading by all. The filming, the music, the editing are all superb, as is the screenplay.
  5. Lolly Madonna XXX: Also known as ‘The Lolly Madonna War’ is just a good film on a Saturday night with some popcorn and a Coke. Excellent cast, excellent story. Jeff Bridges and Season Hubley both shine. Also stars Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan, Gary Busey, Scott Wilson, Randy Quaid, Ed Lauter and Paul Koslo. Wow, what a cast.
  6. Mr Hobbs Takes A Vacation:  A comedy starring James Stewart. He plays  Mr Hobbs, a St Louis banker who goes on a vacation with his family to a California beach. He interacts with his family, fellow tourists, the locals and his son in law’s future boss and his wife. Very funny stuff, Maureen O’Hara plays his wife spot on. The house they stay in provides many comic moments, the pump is a recurring joke. Fabian plays the role of the local ‘cool’ kid. Released in 1962.
  7. Spirit Of St. Louis: Generally panned upon it’s release (1957), I still enjoy this movie. Most of the criticism is based on the fact that 47 year old Stewart is cast as 25 year old Charles Lindbergh. The movie is obviously based on the solo trans Atlantic  Lindbergh made in 1927, in a plane named ‘The Spirit of St. Louis’. Good story, lots of drama with some comedy thrown in, and I just like James Stewart.
  8. The Hot Rock: Robert Redford, George Segal and Ron Leibman star in this film about crooks who steal a valuable gem from a museum, then lose it, then repeated attempts to get it back. Lots of funny scenes in this film. Released in 1972, it is still relevant today. Watch for the scenes of the Twin Towers in NYC still under construction.
  9. Three Days Of The Condor: Released in 1975, this films centers on a CIA employee (Redford), who gets drawn into a fatal drama with the company. Great cast with John Houseman, Max von Sydow, Cliff Robertson and Faye Dunaway.
  10. Don’t Make Waves:  A comedy set in 1967 California with Tony Curtis. Just some silly stuff but entertaining. The late Sharon Tate makes an appearance in the film.