Alaskan Bush People

This episode was a ‘extra’ rehash of their stupidity


Well, these episodes are a complete waste of time…


Ami and Bam answer fan questions that are so mundane and vague

that it has to be scripted… Who in the first place would write to the

show and ask Bam’s favorite color, or Ami’s first meeting with ole

Bill ??? And where are the obvious questions that most people would

ask, like ‘Why do you folks screw up everything you touch ?’, ‘Why

aren’t your children given proper medical and dental care ?’, ‘Who

pays for all the stuff you own when you obviously only seem to work 2

hours a month ?’


Then we are shown a rehash of previous episodes that loyal viewers

know the result… Poor Ami’s neglected teeth are finally going to the

dentist and she is scared… And on top of that, every time we come

back from commercial we are reminded of what we just saw 10

minutes ago… The boys take the boat to town and pick up a trebuchet

and then are stranded in the open ocean, well, the small bay… (I

noticed that when they are calling for help, Bam uses a handheld

radio, probably 5 watts or so and gets an immediate response, why

not use the boat’s radio that has more power and still operates off the

boat’s batteries ??? I am very familiar with radios, amateur and

commercial, and was just wondering why)….


So Ami gets teeth fixed and the boat is safe and sound…

Throughout the show are little comments at the bottom of the screen

telling us little known facts about the bums… for example…

‘The Browns have built 15-20 cabins’… is it 15 or 20 ?

‘Uses Devil’s Club Tea for headaches’

‘Putting coal in a Xmas stocking in reality is a treat !’

‘Browntown goes quiet when the boys leave’ … duh

and more and more insane tidbits from the family in the wild…

More, or less,

Geez, what a waste of television programming, I would rather have

watched a football field getting mowed…


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