s4 e7 Field of Dreams recap  2/15/2017

Let’s feed the cow and talk about the responsibility needed to take care of said cow. Then let’s turn our discussion towards who the cow likes the best. Rainbow is wearing kneepads for some reason, and they all stop to watch the cow poop… lovely.

 So this week is called ‘Field of Dreams’, more like recurring nightmare.

Billy rehashes the turbine fiasco and is determined to make it good. He has another friend named Wes who just so happens to have the parts needed and tries him on the boat radio, no joy. Call Noah the Great and see what he says. Noah says nope, it’s busted, so Billy starts work on rebuilding the base for the turbine tower. He has bought some concrete somewhere and talks of the unforeseen expense while Bear and the others stand around in their new winter coats. Bear is dressed in some pimp fur coat spinning a shovel, Billy tells the churls to get busy and then walks off to read an Archie comic in the homestead. Bear punches concrete bag extremely hard to open it and they get mindlessly to work.

Billy is on boat calling Wes, and just thankfully the cameras were there to see Wes answer, what a coincidence! Turbine parts for 5000 board feet of lumber, OK will do !! Boys, get to work !!!

Billy now is with Rainyday to visit the beaver pond where a bear is feeding. Uh oh, can’t have bears roaming around ! We are then shown stock footage of trained bears roaming around waiting to get fed. Now night shots of a lost bear looking for his cage to be locked up for the night.

Next day the meat shed is torn apart and the rogue bear has stolen the deer meat kept inside. They all act so surprised, couldn’t the jerks hear the bear at night tearing the bed frame door down and thrashing around ? Billy sends extreme Bear and Raindrop to hunt a deer while made up like zombies and they get one !

Matt goes to Hoonah and meets up with Kenny and says he needs a freezer and guess what, Kenny has a brand new junk freezer that the Browns can just have. Later we see Matt putting it on the porch, how did he get it to the dock, in the skiff, guide the skiff home with a freezer in it and up to that porch ? Who cares ?

While everyone else is preparing for the harsh winter that never seems to comes, Noah and Rhain take off in the canoe (paddling with a snow shovel) to spend time on the beach. Noah came prepared and brought some orange cream soda, what a guy… After a whole two minutes they leave.

Bear gathers ice for freezer while constantly looking over his shoulder for the real bears to attack. As soon as he is safe at the shack, the camera films a trained bear walking through the brush searching for the salt lick that the crew placed there for him.

Cow won’t give milk, uh oh, the Browns are all going to die !… Billy rushes to town to get a vet and she is ready to drop everything to look at the Brown’s poor cow. Is it pregnant ? Nope, just needs bred at the island next door. Time to pay the vet, well, we never see that. And Billy has to take her all the way back to town while she screams at him “You owe me $200 for a house call you moron” !

Meanwhile, Noah makes an electric fence with some wire and a battery, like they should have done months and months ago to keep the bears at bay. Will it work, we will find out. Yep it works, Extreme Bear grabs it a couple times and his shock treatment therapy for the week is done…

Mill is barely working on the 5000 board feet of wood, not enough gas, they complain about no gas, yet traveled to town four times and never got a drop of fuel, what a bunch of fools.

Kitchen cookin’ with the Brown woman and Rainbarrel sneezes at least 20 times and then touches the food without cleaning her hands…yuck !

So they load the cow on the boat and the cow never looked happier to get the ef outta that horror show called Browntown.

Bear is sent to the Titanic to get siphon gas out of the generator on the boat. A portable generator, on the boat. Doesn’t the diesel engine have a generator built into it ?  Why is the Honda generator on the boat, I’m confused…

So anyway, back to cutting wood with the deathtrap POS mill that Matt dreamed up, and we actually never see the thing cut any wood, and at the end there is like a dozen or so pieces of cut wood laying on the ground. No way they cut anyway near 5000 board feet of wood.

Next week is the season finale and then the hour long specials about what we have just watched, repeated over and over…

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