Love Gone Wrong

On February 25, 1991, Michael Ewart went to a local grocery store to meet with his wife, Melissa, whom he was separated from. The purpose was to exchange custody of their child. Melissa was accompanied by Gary Jenkins. According to Ewart, some words were exchanged between Jenkins and himself and Ewart then proceeded to stab Melissa 15 times, killing her.

The grocery store was directly across the street from the city police station. He managed to flee the scene but was arrested and charged with first degree murder. At his trial it was argued that it was not a premeditated attack and that Ewart should not be found guilty on that charge. The prosecutor argued that Jenkins was the one who provoked Ewart, yet Ewart attacked Melissa and stabbed her to death, not Jenkins. Ewart claims he remembered Melissa pushing him against his truck and Jenkins coming toward him yelling.

He was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.

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2 thoughts on “Love Gone Wrong

  1. Melissa felt threatened by Michael, she had asked to exchange custody of their child at the Keokuk police station where she felt she would be safe. The police chief then said they did not have a policy for exchange of custody so they would not be able to make this a practice. Melissa had Gary with her because she was afraid of Michael. After Michael was sent to prison he had no rights for visitation of his daughter. Michael’s father and step-mother dressed the child as a boy and took him to the prison to visit. Melissa’s parents found out about this and the Ewarts were ordered to cease and desist or possibly lose visitation themselves.


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