Alaskan Bush People s 04-ep 04

POW part 1

This weeks episode is a familiar one, can the Browns survive the Alaskan wilderness ??? This time dealing with a massive storm on the Titanic while they deliver septic tanks…

First, let’s go blueberry hunting with Rainyday, Snowball, and Gabe…

The obligatory overhead shot with the drone shows again the trash heap that the Brownies have managed to create all on their own. Then we move on to Bear’s extreme treehouse and we are shown how much worse it can be.. I made a few treehouse in my youth, and saw others made by friends, and they all looked better than this mess… He needs to call Pete Nelson and invite him up north… Treehouse Masters… Bear is busy putting some insulation on the walls (covering the exquisite painting job from last week), punching nails and walls and tells us about extreme punching other things too… What a jerk… Then the healing powers of sawdust for the innumerable nail holes he has pounded in the tree… I actually felt sorry for the tree… Geez bro, get a life…

Winter is again around the corner, as told last week, and we again see the sawmill and wind turbine… Work has obviously stopped on these projects.

Bam is clearing ground for his new homestead, ready for the mystery wife to show up and move in (I imagine now the girlfriend/producer will now be introduced, and told she just wandered in off the beach)… Billy joins in with a story of how he actually used to work on stuff… zzzzzz

Matt cleans deer (that he shot two weeks ago ?) and we are instructed on the finer points…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Then we are reminded how remote they are in the wilderness… again Paul shows up and says the skiff is yours if you do this one absolutely crazy and dangerous job that no one else would even attempt… Yep !!! The Brown’s will do it… And we get to go to our old stomping grounds of Prince of Wales Island, the days of easy living and glorious memories… Ahhhhh…. Bear gets excited !

Meanwhile Ami gives us the history of the weather on Prince of Wales Island, she is concerned of the dangers of a wore out boat on rough seas with crew that seems laughably out of touch with reality… But the heck with that, let’s go !!!

Now we are subjected to the old photos and old videos of finer times and happy memories on Prince of Wales Island… Gosh, life was grand before they were felons…

Who is gonna take care of the cow, call junkman Kenny and teach him for 2 minutes how to care for their new pet… How many out there wondered if that cow is still gonna be there when they get back, or Kenny for that matter…

The rest of the show is concerned with the crew heading for the absolute heaven on earth place called Prince of Wales Island, mixed in with dangerous seas, fond memories, seasickness, and the insufferable Billy talking to the camera about this and that… The Titanic almost catches fire but Noah the Great saves the day, and then makes some jewelry out of pieces of fishing tackle for his girlfriend Rhain… Lucky girl… We are shown stock video of grey clouds and high seas and treacherous waves, yet when we see the actual boat the Browns are on, it doesn’t look like anything but some choppy water, although in one scene they do hit a major 2 foot wave and Rain throws up, Billy hunkers down on the wheel and Ami stands there like she is in her kitchen back home on terra firma…

They manage to save a ‘paid extra’ family (who are instructed to act like they are having boat problems), that cost them a half day of work and lands them in the center of the storm… UH OH !!!!!!…. The family sits around weighing options (Ami again chimes in with the comment that ‘some people never come back‘), and then decide to head out anyway regardless of the weather, and in the best part of the show, Bear gets super extreme excited and Billy tells him to sit down and act normal… Absolute best scene all year… 

Next week, danger and high seas, is death and wolfpack separation in the forecast ??? And all this so they can finally own the skiff outright ??? Why not just buy one, it has to be a lot cheaper than the fuel, and stress, and strain they are supposedly subjecting themselves to…. What a mixed up mindset….

Unfortunately, the show is now getting pretty predictable, with it’s never ending monologues of how they manage to survive in the ‘wild’, with a production crew always nearby, how they are completely cutoff from mainstream culture (with so many instances that they are not), the sincere harangues about how they are a better family for all this wilderness living, the flashback photos and videos showing (as proof I am guessing) how they grew up in the wild and loved it, and the interminable drama of almost losing everything in almost every episode, only to be drawn back in God’s favor, through the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Brown family resolve… AH-WOOOOOO 🐺 (simulated wolf howl)

And in conclusion, with all the talk and fantastic memories of life in the golden paradise known as Prince of Wales Island, you have to wonder, why did they ever leave ???…. Chased off the land by torch wielding locals, fed up with a bunch of losers soiling a once pristine location ???

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4 thoughts on “Prince Of Wales Island Part 1 – episode 4

  1. Just found your site. Good recaps of this shitshow. 😂😎👍🏻 I know you know about and profane reality, but check Ryan Berenz I think hes called. Also great recaps

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