Browntown Boom s 04-ep 03

Bear goes extreme from the get go and puts ‘rassiling’ mats on the

logs so the Browns can sit on wet mats instead of wet logs…


Billy pops in to explain the need to be prepared for winter in the

Alaskan bush (smart guy that Billy), he hates the necessary trips to

dreaded Hoonah for fuel for the generator, so after careful and

thoughtful consideration, he decides to construct a wind turbine. After

a brainstorm session with Noah the Great, this R & D team lay the

plans for the turbine and proceed to search the perfect location… It is

to be built at Blow Hole, the windiest spot they know of. An arial shot

of the location gives us a better picture of the total mess these folks

have turned Brownslum into…


Matt and Bam go into evil Hoonah, and visit Kenny at the dump to

locate parts for the turbine, but instead grab a garage door opener

frame and a minibike to construct a bush sawmill. Matt finds a fire

extinguisher and proceeds to create a huge mess while laughing in

drunken glee…


Noah takes a few minutes in his shanty to write to Rhain, a young,

unaware girl he met in awful Hoonah while standing on the dock. In

his best 2nd grade scrawl, he begs her to please visit him for awhile to

break the insane monotony of living alone with the worst family in the

world in the most isolated location in the world… Love, Noah… Nice

leather vest Noah !


OMG!!!!!!! Billy is holding a chainsaw !!!! Billy is using the

chainsaw !!!! Billy has another tool in his hand now, IT’S A

SHOVEL !!!!! My God, this is TV history, Billy is actually cutting a tree

and digging a hole… I see an Emmy award in his future !!!

Anyway, while digging the hole they find rocks (in Alaska, go figure),

so now the problem is to get rid of the giant annoying rock. Bear steps

up and explains that the only extreme way to get rid of extreme rock

is to use extreme blasting powder and make an extreme explosion and

watch extremely extreme… Alright, now were talking !!


First, Bear and Noah search for power failure in the slum, and while

doing this Bear notices Noah’s happy attitude (Bear explains he has an

enheightened sense for these matters, now he is making new words,

look out Merriam-Webster), and Noah confesses about Rhain and a

certain tingle he has to Bear, who looks on approvingly…


Bear makes TNT !!! How extreme !!! Bear blows up rock in best

extreme way !!! Go Bear Go !!!


Matt makes sawmill !!!
Billy says he is a dreamer !!!


Matt works hard to get old minibike engine started after it has been

sitting in a junkyard for a few years and after 10 pulls on the rope,

VICTORY !!!! Now crazy laugh and on to the other morons…


Noah shows Rhain (who just happened to actually come to the ghetto)

around the place and they find they have a lot in common… He

proceeds to teach her Tai Chi and they laugh and giggle and then she

mysteriously disappears without another word said about her…

Someone please call 911 in Alaska and report this…


Sawmill trials continue, first trial fails, 2nd trial fails, 3rd trial

succeeds… Way to go Matt, get a fifth and enjoy…


Construction goes well on turbine after extreme blast and the crew

starts pulling up framework, but wait, danger looms right before

commercial break, as it seems it might fall down on everyone causing

extreme injuries… What will happen ??? Watch commercial with

feeling of dread and helplessness in gut as we wonder if they are all

going to die… Finally the commercial has ended and everything turned

out just fine… Whew !!! Wipe the sweat from my brow and sit back

and enjoy the rest of the show…


Now a short scene where the dog, Mr. Cupcake, attempts to escape

the insane asylum, but Raindrop runs him down and throws her weight

on him and sedates him for another horrible week with these

inconsiderate buffoons…


Billy now expands on his newfound dream monologue, and we are left

to wonder what is next for Browntown… An outlet mall, a Denny’s,

maybe a putt putt golf course ??? I know I am excited, extremely !!!!


side note; No Ami this week, she must be in Vegas picking out new

curtains for the penthouse they live in during the real winters…


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